Intensive Training program for artistic and social inclusion within dance and physical theatre setting

Corpo Poetico®

The theatre and contermporary dance have been working with disability in therapeutic context for years. Today we aspire to experimenting through a methodology that goes beyond a therapeutic analisys, by way of using other tools to encourage social inclusion, namely sensorial expressions and poetics.

We start from a different prospective: that of contemporary arts, in order to weigh on stereotypes and difficulties arising from relating with “the Other Different from me”, maintaning the reciprocity of experiential growth at the same time.

The change of perspective leads to transforming our way to communicate

The idea is to open a space for sharing and exchange, apt to reinterpret relevant performative language as well as to transform certain customary practices of dance, of theatre and of the training.



The course has been envisaged with aim to provide the trainees with specific theoretical and practical skills, in order to improve their training-related, educational and artistic line of work and permit them to suitably embed the methodolgy of social integration.

The course welcomes able and less able persons and adresses dancers, performers, graduates and students of liberal arts degree courses and teaching programs, health workers, dance and theatre teachers.

The program is targeted at those who wish to acquire and deepen specific skills related to disability in dance and theatre and those related to the body as an instrument for communication, education, artistic expression and integration.

Among the course’s intended audience we also include private and public companies, therapeutic communities, voluntary associations, local and social cooperatives, teaching facilities, cultural associations and theatre/dance companies, public institutions of all grades.  


CORPOPOETICO®  research for other movements



CorpoPoetico® is a movement-dance-theatre practice conceived and develped by Anna Albertarelli, choreographer, dancer and teacher, and Roberto Penzo, a psychomotor educator, psychologist, sexologist, teacher and performer.

Working together since 1998, Anna and Roberto have set up several choreographic and actorial research workshops with focus on integration. They founded the VI-KAP collective, composed of able and differently able dancers, have been leading training courses for workers in the educational field, while both teach in social cooperatives and international professional training schools.

Their artistic work has been featured in theatre-dance shows and festivals, both on local and international level.


Anna Albertarelli

Anna was born in Milan on November 13th, 1965, and now she lives and works in Bologna. She got a degree at the DAMS Course in Bologna in Arts’ Psychology. She has practiced martial arts, judo, karate (1st dan), at competitive level. She is a dancer, a choreographer and a physical performer. She teaches contact-improvisation dance, performative body management, physical theatre and creative movement for children, pilates, and postural training. From several years, she organizes experimental groups and training courses for teachers and volunteers working with physical and psychical disabled, at corporal mediation and focused on the integration. 

She is the artistic director and choreographer of the following project: Gohatto, founded in 2003 by Anna and Roberto Passuti, which provides dance-video, visual-acoustic installations, and interactions between the choreography and the sound. Events: Progetto GDA; Blue Blood Dolphin; on December 16/17, 2005, at Teatri di Vita (Bologna), presentation of the project Metamorfosi 3×2 (Video-Blue Bloon Dolhpin and Il piede dell’elefante), endorsed by the Municipality of Bologna; on December 4/5, 2006, in the Loro del Reno Festival, GDA was presented and Anna won a prize as the best performer. In December 2007, she created IL PARADOSSO DEL MENTITORE, produced in collaboration with Teatri di Vita and presented during the Urban Dream Festival and the Danza Urbana Festival in 2008. Vi-kap Officina Integrata dello Spettacolo-Social theatre, artistic director Anna Albertarelli and scientific coordinator Prof. Roberto Penzo. It is a company composed of disabled (and not) actors-dancers, created thanks to the collaboration with the CUSB Bologna in the context of the “Laboratorio di Teatro Fisico”, which has worked since 2000 with the Testoni Ragazzi Theatre and for the projects Cantamaggio. For many years, Anna has been directing a research on touch-contact, that she explored on the ground and in the water. She is watsu practitioner, graduated from the Watsu Italia after a triennial course. Thus, she teaches watsu, dance and aquatic Ai-chi, with a certificate recognized by the Aqua Dynamics Institute in Yokohama (Japan).


Roberto Penzo

Roberto is a psychologist, psychotherapist and teacher of corporal mediation. He has been a performer since 1998 and he currently supervises study and research projects for the disabled integration at the university center of Bologna (CUS). He has worked in the field of the theatre and dance as a performer and an author. Furthermore, he has organized theatrical groups, focusing on the social discontent. He is the scientific director of the Stamina Association.


provides the following pedagogic paths:

TRAINING FOR SPECIAL NEEDS TEACHERS IN PHYSICAL education, in order to provide novel tools for corporal work with disability on primary, secondary and high school  levels.
experiental and tutorial workshops in social cooperatives, associations and day-care centres 
international training with european projects with younger people: erasmus+ 
the course has been included in "pedagogy and theatre" post-graduate degree at university of bologna, education department.

introduction to the training course

The all-around corporal experience is at the heart of our work and research proposal, which will be analyzed throughout the training by means of CorpoPoetico practise and method.

In order to be able to interact with dance/movement/physical acting in integration with dis/ability, we find that it is necessary to explore one’s own movement capacities, relational and involvement abilities, valid for all the participants.
In this context we have a perception of one’s own self and body, initially in relation to the internal space (awareness of the body), then in relation to external space (proprioception), and lastly in relation to the other (contact/emotion) where it assumes the role of primary importance.

Furthermore, the research of “empty space” where all the participants, able and disable, find themselves on the common ground where a direction towards evolutionary/relationary/creative/pedagogic is to be taken, where we can know the other through tasks of bodily exploration, drawn from Sensorial Anatomy.

Contact dance and physical theatre are crucial in order to build a new educational identity over time, as well as the cultural, social and artistic one.  The contact becomes a relation mediator while dance and movement will assist the person working on a creative level, pushing them to overcome physical and mental limits.

In this manner the body dismorphisms, convulsive moves, clumsy, halted, disconnected or surprisingly playful and real actions can become “poetic gestures”.

The body, once stripped of the disability marks seen as an impediment will mutate into a “poetic body”.

pedagogical tools

Group dynamics and body mediation focused on relation, as well as on verbal and non-verbal communication. Elements of psychopedagogy, relaxing techniques, elements of experiential anatomy, analysis of spontaneous movement, contact improvisation dance, tools and categories of theatricality and theatre improvisation techniques.
Moments of shared verbalization of the bodily experiences with the group of participants.


The Intensive Training program for artistic and social inclusion within dance and physical theatre setting engages in about 3 week of July 2023, with an open admission through by send curriculum and motivation letter.

The course has been envisaged with aim to provide the trainees with specific theoretical and practical skills, in order to improve their training-related, educational and artistic line of work and permit them to suitably embed the methodolgy of social integration.

Moreover, the program is a host two workshops , featuring internationally renowned choreographers and artists with focus on widening the attendees’ knowledge and enriching the workshop participants’ experiences, visions and professional competences.

At the end of the training to the partecipante will be issued the Attendance Certificate for the completion of the program


with Anna Albertarelli and Roberto Penzo
emotional and relational body
with Anna Albertarelli and Roberto Penzo
with Anna Albertarelli and Roberto Penzo
poetic and ACTOR BODY
with Anna Albertarelli and Roberto Penzo



from 08th to 09th June 2024


teaching plan

Program Structure